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  • VDPAM 408/508 (Poultry Medicine; 30 hrs lecture in even numbered years).  Since 2000, every veterinary student has had at least 2 opportunities to enroll in this elective.
  • BMS 416/516 (Avian Anatomy)  Elective offered every other year.
    VCS 311 (Veterinarian in Society) One careers in poultry medicine lecture given each year by Dr. Trampel
  • VDPAM 487 (Livestock Disease Prevention) Two lectures on poultry preventive medicine given to undergraduate students each year by Dr. Trampel.
  • VMPM 386 (Bacteriology) E. coli, Pasteurella multocida (fowl cholera), mycoplasmas (chronic respiratory disease, infectious sinusitis), Hemophilus paragallinarum (infectious coryza), Bordetella avium (turkey coryza) are discussed.










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