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Concurrent DVM Students

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Graduate Certificate homepage

Education mission

The purpose of the graduate program in Veterinary Preventive Medicine is to address the continued and advanced needs of animal health professionals. The certificate enables professionals to gain recognition for a skill set that includes epidemiology, risk assessment, production medicine and animal welfare.

The graduate certificate for concurrent DVM students is designed to give additional skills to students planning on working with populations of animals. Using a combination of on-line and dual listed graduate level courses the program is designed to enable DVM students to complete the certificate while studying for their DVM degree. Students enrolled in any US-based DVM program are able to complete a graduate certificate at ISU using a combination of on-line and transfer graduate level courses.

Also, a graduate certificate provides an introduction to graduate education that enables a candidate to decide if further degree programs are “right for them”. Completing a certificate while in veterinary school, allows concurrent DVM students to gain additional skills without committing to the larger number of credits needed for a Masters program (30+ credits).

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If you have additional questions about this opportunity, please contact:
Erica Hellmich, pvm-grad-programs@iastate.edu, 515-294-1761
Annette O'Connor, oconnor@iastate.edu, 515-294-5012