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In Clinic Services

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In-clinic food animal medicine and surgery

Cattle, sheep and goats account for approximately 1,500 patients treated annually by the medicine and surgery team in the Large Animal Clinic. Most often, our specialists in food animal medicine and surgery treat patients for lameness, perform foot and leg surgeries, irrigate wounds, or perform abdominal surgery.

Because this is a full-service veterinary hospital, we offer extensive radiology services and general anesthesia, and we have direct access to the labs where blood work-ups and other tests are conducted. A cadre of skilled technicians, residents and veterinary students monitor patients throughout their stay. Because there is no subsidy for patient services, our Large Animal Clinic and medical center operate on a "fee for services" basis.

Our medical team

In addition to the large animal specialists listed below, our medical team is augmented by the many specialists and technicians who offer a full range of medical services through the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center. These include board-certified radiologists, anesthesiologists, clinical pathologists, veterinary pharmacologists, toxicologists, and diagnosticians.

How to access our services

It is not necessary to get a referral from a local veterinarian. Animal owners or their DVMs should call the Large Animal Clinic for initial consultation and to make a specific appointment.

Call 515-294-1500 for the Large Animal Clinic. The Clinic, as part of the Veterinary Medical Center, operates on weekdays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For emergency calls during non-clinic hours or holidays, call 515-294-4900 to reach on-call hospital staff.