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Beef Courses

VDPAM 309X. Intro to Production Animal Informatics. Cr. 1.S. Prereq. Enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine curriculum.  Introduction to computer tools used in production medicine with practical application.

VDPAM 310. Intro to Production Medicine - Cr. 2.  S.  Prereq.  Currently enrolled in Vet Med III.  The course will describe the role of the veterinarian in the management of animal health and production in dairy and beef cattle herds, beef feedlots and swine herds.  The intent of this course is to provide veterinary students with a starting point to understand the principles and techniques that are the basis of food-animal health management programs.

VDPAM 340. Clinical Foundations I.   (0-40) Cr. 1. F,S. Prereq: Classification in veterinary medicine.  One week course at Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center in Clay Center, Nebraska.  An introduction to Food Supply Veterinary Medicine covering industry (beef, dairy, pork, sheep) overviews, production systems, behavior, welfare, handling and restraint and examination techniques, biosecurity, epidemiology and food safety.

VDPAM 350X. Basic Livestock Nutrition and Feeding.   Cr. 1. F,S.  Prereq: Classification in veterinary medicine.  Introductory course on livestock (beef, dairy, swine, sheep, and equine) nutrition and feeding principles.  Students will apply scientific facts and principles to problem-solving procedures in determining nutritious and economical livestock feeding programs.

VDPAM 436.  Beef Records Analysis.   Cr. 1 per semester. F.S.  Prereq:  Classification in veterinary medicine.  Students will learn to conduct and critically financial data using Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) in beef herds.  Students will be matched with individual herds and work with producers to identify areas for improving profitability, health, and sustainability.  Enrolling in the class for multiple semesters will be encouraged.

VDPAM 481X – Advanced Cow/Calf Production Medicine. (Dual listed with 581X)(20-20) Cr. 2.
S. Prereq:  Completion of two semesters of VDPAM 436, Beef Records Analysis; VM4 classification. 
Two-week senior elective that will focus on the economics of animal disease in cow/calf operations. 
Evidence based medicine and epidemiological principles will be used in investigating disease outbreaks.  Extensive partial budgeting used.  Letter grade A – F.  CVM credit.  Field trips.

VDPAM 482.  Applied Beef Production Medicine Preceptorship.  (0-40) Cr. 1-6. Repeatable.  F.S.SS.  Prereq:  310.Advanced course in beef production medicine with emphasis on herd management, production analysis, and problem solving.  Forty hours clinical experience per week. (Repeatable)

            A.  Assignment with practicing veterinarian and/or production unit.
                 App Dairy Prod Med-F,S
            B.  Bull Breeding Soundness at GPVEC - App Med Bull Breedi - S
            C.  Calving at GPVEC - Applied Med Calving - F,S
            D.  Feedlot Management at GPVEC - App MD BF Feedlt Mgt - F,S
            E.  Weaning Management at GPVEC - App BF Med Wean Mgt - F
            F.  Pregnancy Examination at GPVEC - App BF MD Preg Exam - F
            G.  Bovine Reproduction at GPVEC - App Med Bovin Repro - F
            I.   App MD BF Feedlt Mgt @ Sweiger - F,S,

(Need Permission of Instructor on all Sections.)

VDPAM 483.  Beef Production Medicine.  (15-20) Cr. 2 F.S. SS.  Prereq:  310X.  Two week advanced clinical rotation in beef production medicine.  Fifteen hours recitation/discussion and 20 hours clinical experience per week.  This course is designed to expose students to cow-calf and feedlot production concepts.  The activities scheduled for the rotation depend greatly on the time of year.  When ever possible, the class incorporates field trips.  Students should anticipate that travel is required and overnight stays may be required.  These field trips can vary in length from several hours to several days and may include weekends.  As of 2006, one week of the rotation is spent at the Great Plains Veterinary Education Center, Clay Center, NE.  Students should, therefore, plan accordingly and contact the instructor, immediately, if they anticipate a conflict.  Students should not schedule Grand Rounds during this rotation.

VDPAM 491X.  Advanced Ruminant Nutrition.   (30-10) C 3.  Prereq: None.  VDPAM 350X is recommended.  Advanced Ruminant Nutrition will focus on beef and dairy nutrition from the calf to the adult, lactating cow.  Students will learn to balance rations for beef cow-calf, feedlot & dairy operations.  In addition, this course will introduce different feedstuffs and forage varieties to determine those that are best suited for bovine diets.