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VDPAM 486. Introduction to Small Ruminant Production Medicine. (13-6) Cr. 1. S. Prereq: Classification in Veterinary Medicine. Small ruminant management systems, common diseases and herd health will be emphasized in this class. There will also be several labs involving general physical exams, blood draws, FAMCHA training, and advanced reproduction techniques. This class will give students an in-depth look at small ruminants and will include several hands-on learning experiences as well as tours of production facilities. 

VDPAM 420. Preceptorship in Veterinary Medical Practice. Cr. 1 to 6 each time taken. F.S.SS. Prereq: Fourth-year classification in veterinary medicine, permission of department chair. Elective course in veterinary practice under the guidance of veterinarians in approved practice settings. 420G will be small ruminant focused being held at Great Plains Veterinary Education Center.

VDPAM 491. Advanced Ruminant Nutrition.   (30-10) C 3.  Prereq: None.  VDPAM 350X is recommended.  Advanced Ruminant Nutrition will focus on beef and dairy nutrition from the calf to the adult, lactating cow.  Students will learn to balance rations for beef cow-calf, feedlot & dairy operations.  In addition, this course will introduce different feedstuffs and forage varieties to determine those that are best suited for bovine diets.

VDPAM 495. Advanced Small Ruminant Production Medicine. (15-20) Cr. 2. F, S. Prereq:
Fourth-year classification in veterinary medicine, VDPAM 486 or permission of instructor. Two week
clinical rotation in small ruminant production medicine. Field trips will be incorporated when possible.
Topics to be covered include small ruminant industries (milk, meat, and fiber), milk quality, nutrition,
reproduction, and disease management of small ruminants.