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Food Animal and Camelid Hospital


1710 Lloyd Vet Med, Iowa State University, Ames, IA  50011



                                                 Laparascopic Surgery

The ISU LVMC Food Animal and Camelid Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic servicing clients within Iowa and surrounding states.  Services range from routine cattle processing to complicated fracture repair.  The hospital is staffed by a knowledgeable, compassionate team that includes faculty boarded in surgery, internal medicine, theriogenology, anesthesiology and diagnostic imaging.   Emergency services are available outside of normal business hours.   While a referral from your regular veterinarian is not necessary, our staff routinely work with your regular veterinarian to provide the best outcome for your animal.  
We are equipped to handle and house multiple species of animals including:
·         Cattle (dairy and beef)
·         Small Ruminants (sheep and goats)
·         Camelids (llama and alpaca)
·         Swine
Routine Services
The hospital is equipped with tilt tables enabling thorough lameness examinations and foot work.  In addition, hydraulic chutes permit safe handling of cattle for castrations, dehorning, vaccinations, pregnancy diagnosis, physical examinations, and minor surgical procedures.  We also have facilities to offer our "Calf Watch" program where our specialist and students house and deliver high risk pregnancies for our clients.
Surgical Services
A wide range of surgical services are offered and are dependent on patient needs tempered with consideration of the finances of a livestock operation.   Routine surgeries such as displaced abomasal correction, cesarean section, rumentotomy, and abdominal exploratories usually take place in our standing surgery suite under local anesthesia.  More complicated procedures such as umbilical abscess removal, tube cystotomy (for urethral obstruction), and fracture repair occur under general anesthesia with the assistance of a highly trained anesthesia staff.   Orthopedic procedures include fracture repair, treatment of septic joints and tendon sheaths, and other bone and joint conditions.  Minimally invasive surgery is offered (laparoscopy) for removal of retained testicles and other abdominal procedures reducing the amount of time off post-operatively while minimizing the size of the incision and scar. Our Theriogenology Group also performs Laparoscopic AI and ET in small ruminants.
Medical Services

Animals needing medical support and intervention are able to be administered IV fluids while able to freely move about their stall.  Advanced diagnostics available include endoscopy, ultrasound, cardiology consultations, advanced imagining including CT and MRI, and complete blood work.  Services range from neonatal medicine (sick calves) to complete workup of complicated medical cases that have not been responsive to conventional therapies.  Other services offered include specialized reproductive services including assisted calvings, dystocia, AI, breeding soundness exams, and infertility issues.



Dr. Troy Brick
Assistant Professor

Dr. Amanda Kreuder

Dr. Patrick Phillips
Senior Clinician

Dr. Plummer
Dr. Paul Plummer
Assistant Professor

Dr. Jennifer Schleining
Associate Professor

Dr. Shearer
Dr. Jan Shearer

Dr. Kelly Still-Brooks

Tyler Dohlman
Dr. Tyler Dohlman

Dr. Nicole Jackson

Dr. Josh Ydstie