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Rent or Sublease

Apartment available for summer sublease
Added: Jan. 25, 2015

2 bedroom,
2 bath
Apartment located in West Ames
Close to many businesses including West HyVee, West Towne Pub, Perfect Games, and Ames Racket and Fitness (Free monthly Ames Racket and Fitness Membership).
Only 5-10 minutes from ISU main campus, as well as, the veterinary school.
Plenty of running areas and parks nearby.
Leasing: May 18th-July 31st 2015
Rent: $400 per month
Utilities: Water, heat, electricity, and Mediacom to be paid. Washer and dryer included in unit.
Additional information: My roommate and I plan to move out by May 18th 2015.
A new lease would need to be signed with Jenson Property Management including a security deposit of 1 month rent due at the time of signing lease. Lease ending July 31 2015. More details can be discussed further with Jenson Property Management.
Contact information:
Email: bnmanthe@iastate.edu
Phone number: 712-251-2296
Jenson property management: 515-233-2752

Room for Rent
Added: Feb. 2, 2015

Room for rent in the trailer park walking distance to Vet Med. Your 2 other future housemates are current VM2s. $300 plus utilities. Shared bathroom and large kitchen. No pets please I already have 2 cats. Looking for a clean, responsible, studious, fun individual! Please email me (hsbarns@iastate.edu), if you are interested!

Rooms For Rent
Added: March 3, 2015

Large, updated 4 bedroom house with room to board a horse. Well-behaved pets are welcome.

$350/person/month including utilities. Located 1/2 a mile north of Nevada and 10 mins from Ames. Contact: 515-460-9191.










Updated: March 3, 2015

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