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JacksonI have been meaning to write for some time about the results of our dear Shih Tsu Jackson's back surgery, but he just keeps improving. It is truly a miracle.

You operated and I believe fused a disc in his back. He was in excellent hands for almost six weeks as you nursed him back. We brought him home and spent the next 4-6 months in physical therapy. He swam in a huge Rubbermaid Christmas tree tote, we massaged and worked with him.
After a year his walking had improved tremendously. He used all four legs unless he got in too much of a hurry, then he'd drop to his front legs and never lose speed. His bladder control improved and when we walked him outside he left a trail. He still left a trail in the house if he got excited.
After a year and a half he was walking well 80% of the time. Granted he still had a swagger but he wasn't slowed down by much. His bladder got better but we still had dribbles. At this time Jack adopted a big brother, Mr. Magoo, when my mother died and her beautiful Shih Tsu came to live with us. They were used to being only children but soon adapted and are now inseparable. Chasing Magoo has further strengthened Jackson's back end. Before the surgery he would spin in circles when he got excited. We had reconciled ourselves to never seeing him do that again, but guess what? He is back to full spinning mode. It is wonderful.
After two years I can say that he is still improving. He has almost complete bladder control and if we have him out routinely he is good. Believe it or not, after all of this time he is starting to know when he has to poop! He can't control it well, but the muscles are starting to tell him when it is coming.
I would never have believed that he could continue to improve if I hadn't witnessed it myself. Jackson has always been an independent but lovable clown. He loves to show off and get attention. I think his spirit has never wavered. When your vet assistants called us every day for six weeks they were impressed with his spirit and love. We couldn't believe the level of care he got throughout his stay. I can only say it had to be second to none. Except for some bladder infections, Jackson's health has been fantastic.
What can I say? Thank you seems to be such a small thing for such a miracle. If I can ever tell someone about ISU's vet schools I rave on and on. If you ever need a testimony to the work you do, feel free to contact Jackson and his family.
I enclosed a small gift. I wish it could be more to help offset expenses so others can benefit from the work you do.
Jackson, Carol, & Roger (Magoo too.), Carson, IA