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It's been a year since you called my pup home. Semon was a poodle/bichon mix just a little pup weighing 13 pounds. He was an eight-week-old pup when we got him and seventeen years later he still acted and looked like a pup but he didn't see or hear as well. We had many happy years together. It's though we were one. Almost like I knew him in another life. The way he looked at me, it is though he knew what I was going to say before I did. We never had a master-pet relationship I always felt, we both knew, he was the boss.

Everyone in the family misses you so very much, Semon, we are sad that you are no longer here but we know you are in a better place without pain in your legs you can walk, run and play like you did when you were a young pup. I knew the last month before you left us you were in great pain. But you stayed with us to make us happy. But finally we realized we couldn't think just of ourselves and had to say goodbye to our beloved pup.

Semon I know in my heart you will be waiting for me. It doesn't matter how long it may be you will be waiting. I forever love you, Semon, you're always in my thoughts. Every thing reminds me of you, places we were, things we did, your bowl, your favorite chair and every once in a while I hear you in the house.

Thank you,O Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful pup as Semon and thank you for the seventeen years we had him with us.

Thu , Glendale, AZ