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Intensive Care

24-hr. Intensive Care Unit

As more aged and critically ill pets have been referred for surgery and specialty care, the ICU facility has been enlarged three separate times. Each time, CAF funding has made the difference in adding space and enhancing the quality of care delivered in this area, the “nerve center” of the Veterinary Medical Center.




Padded Stalls

The latest ICU renovation added a ward of padded stalls for use by large dogs that need critical care monitoring by ICU staff. The larger, stall environment provides greater comfort and accessibility for these dogs (usually post-operative) as they recover.




Isolation Ward
Isolation ward

This room houses animals that should not be housed with other animals because they have infectious diseases such as parvo or distemper. A closed-circuit monitor from this room to the nearby ICU allows for continuous observation of animal activity. It is essential to isolate pets with potentially contagious illnesses, and the CAF fund provided the hospital with this capability.