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Medical Technology

CT ScanNew C.T. Scan

The computer-assisted tomography scanner (C.T. Scan) is one of the imaging equipment available at the VMC. With help from the CAF, the CT scanner is one of the most sophisticated among veterinary teaching and referral hospitals in the U.S.





Digital Xray
Digital X-ray Equipment

Technology in the radiology section was elevated substantially with the purchase of a multipurpose radiographic and fluoroscopic x-ray machine (R&F). It’s $350,000 price tag was partially offset by CAF funds. This machine’s fluoroscopy component uses a high-resolution digital output system and a remote monitor for clinicians and students to view procedures.




Thanks to a very generous donation from a client, a special room was installed with equipment for preparing chemotherapy and other sterile medications. The facility greatly advanced the hospital’s ability to treat cancer-afflicted cats and dogs.




radiotherapyRadiotherapy for thyroid treatment

The puchase of a Gamma camera and the outfitting of a new radioactive treatment facility allows hospital staff to provide Iodine-131 radiotherapy for feline hyperthyroidism. The same imaging equipment allows nuclear scintigraphy to be performed on equine patients to diagnose problems that don’t appear on a conventional radiograph.





The Companion Animal Fund improved dermatology technology by constructing a special room equipped with a whirlpool bath and ultrasonic hydrotherapy tubs.