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Crow Creek 2012

Every summer, faculty and students from Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine, along with many local volunteers, travel to Fort Thompson, South Dakota to provide veterinary services, promote preventative medicine, and support the human-animal bond for the community's dogs, cats, and horses.

This trip is important because on this tribal reservation, there are minimal veterinary resources available. Each household averages an annual income of $8,000. This opportunity promotes the continued need for community service outreach for our veterinary medical profession.

In 2012, the Crow Creek team examined 350 animals in just 2 days! 242 were cats and dogs, and 108 were horses. 42 spays/neuters were performed in 1.5 surgical days.

*This story is featured in the Summer edition of the Gentle Doctor magazine!

horse exam

horse dental
Horse Health Exam Horse Dental
dog exam surgery
Dog Exam Performing a neuter surgery on a dog


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Any questions can be directed to Dr. Joan Howard jmhoward@iastate.edu

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