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Therapeutic Exercises

Aquatherapy such as swimming or working in the underwater treadmill is ideal for most patients, especially those who are challenged with normal movement. Water-based therapies allow the patient to work in a low or no impact environment because of buoyancy. Resistance from the water helps to strengthen muscle mass and improve cardiovascular fitness. The warm water is soothing to sore muscles and increases blood flow to aid in healing.  Swimming and walking in the underwater treadmill are wonderful tools to exercise our patients that are learning to walk or for those that need a controlled, safe environment to start exercising after a surgery or injury.  

There are a variety of therapeutic land exercises that are offered for our patients. Sit-to-stand exercises, physio-roll work, cavaletti rails, low rise stairs, balance boards, sand and hill walking are a few of the more common exercises that can be tailored to an individual patient’s needs. We also offer land treadmill work that can later be utilized at home if needed.
Acupuncture is offered at the LVMC by Dr. Nyomi Galow.  Acupuncture increases circulation, causes a release of many neurochemicals, some of which are endorphins (the body’s “natural pain-killing” hormones), relieves muscle spasms and stimulates nerves.

After the initial evaluation, each patient’s therapy is designed to help them with their disability and meet their needs for recovery. All patients recover at different speeds however, the art of therapy is to help reduce pain, prevent further injury, increase muscle strength and joint range of motion, increase balance awareness and coordination and ultimately reduce the recovery period.


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