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A board-certified cardiologist is available on a part-time basis in the Lloyd VMC.


Because our cardiology staffing is limited, a direct appointment with the cardiologist is not always immediately available. In-house cardiology consultations, however, are provided on designated days for patients seen through our Internal Medicine and other services. Our cardiology technician, Lori Moran (lmoran@iastate.edu) can provide further information and help to coordinate this process. 

If your pet requires urgent care, our emergency service doctors are available, 24/7, at 515-294-4900.


To schedule an appointment with the cardiologist, or to request a cardiology consultation through Internal Medicine, please contact our receptionists during regular business hours at 515-294-4900.


Our Team Consists of:

Dr. Wendy A. Ware

Lori Moran