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Your pet may be hospitalized in order to complete initial diagnostic testing, for additional procedures and/or supportive treatment if necessary.

A permission form for the hospitalization will be provided, along with an estimate form. Both forms will be taken by the small animal receptionists and copies will be provided to you. The receptionists will also collect the required deposit.

The veterinary student who performed the physical exam will most likely be assigned to your pet throughout its medical center stay. (If the hospitalization is lengthy, the student may change due to their clinical rotation throughout the hospital.)

  • The student or attending clinician will contact you daily unless you discuss other arrangements. Please provide all pertinent phone numbers so that we will be successful in reaching you.
  • We will not provide information to others concerning the status of your companion animal unless we have prior permission to do so.
  • Please feel free to call the reception desk at (515) 294-4900 if you need to reach the clinician or student. Our clinicians and students make every effort to take your call. If they are busy with procedures or patient care, they will return your call as soon as possible.

Companion animals of stable condition and receiving treatments or waiting diagnostic procedures are admitted to the medicine wards. There are separate wards for dogs and cats.

  • The ward housing consists of medium to large cages and runs. The runs are reserved for large and giant breed dogs.
  • The veterinary student assigned to your pet is responsible for daily supportive care, including walks three or more times daily as needed.
  • Blankets and towels are provided. We prefer that treasured toys and blankets not be placed in the wards, as we may lose them in the laundry. Please inform the clinician and student of any special dietary needs.
Your referring veterinarian will also be contacted regularly with updates on your pet’s condition and results of diagnostic testing. Please ensure that the correct referring veterinarian is listed on your paperwork.