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Preparing for Your Visit

We ask that you follow the guidelines listed below when preparing to bring your pet to the Veterinary Medical Center.

  • Tell the receptionist about any medications your pet may currently be taking. They may need to be discontinued for a time before your appointment.
  • Please bring any medications your pet is currently taking. Since visits to the internal medicine service can last several days, it is imperative that we have the medications to give to your pet while they are inpatients at the VMC.
  • Please bring any special food that your pet may be eating. Just as with medications, the proper diet and food should also be given while they are at the VMC.
  • If your referring veterinarian has given you any radiographic images, lab test results, or other information about your pet's condition, please bring that with you as it can give our clinicians and specialists information that could help in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet's condition.
  • Do not provide food for 12 hours before the appointment if your pet is not diabetic. If your pet is diabetic, consult with your doctor or with the specialists at Iowa State before coming to the VMC. Water should always be provided as we do not want your pet to become dehydrated. Food in your pet's stomach can limit the diagnostic procedures as well as our ability to place your pet under anesthesia.
  • Certain diagnostic procedures may require portions of your pet’s hair coat to be shaved. Please indicate ahead of time if this is problematic.