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Surgical Services


The Iowa State University Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center offers state-of-the-art surgical care for orthopedic, neurologic, and soft-tissue diseases. Choose a link to learn more about Soft Tissue Surgery and Orthopedic/Neurosurgery at ISU.


Soft Tissue Surgery

Orthopedic and Neurosurgery



Platelet Enhancement Therapy is Available at ISU: Above photos show blood being drawn from the jugular vein (left) and filtered in to capture platelets (middle). The platelet concentrate was injected into the patient's stifle (knee) joints to help treat the pain associated with osteoarthritis (right). Platelet therapy can be used in many orthopedic conditions such as stifle and elbow osteoarthritis, muscle and tendon injuries, as well as to promote wound healing. Please contact Dr. Bergh for more information on this therapy at Iowa State University.



Click on the picture above to learn more about Payton, a young German shorthair pointer who learned to walk again after suffering a debilitating spinal fracture.




xray 1

xray 2

Above are post-operative x-rays from a dog with a complete fracture of her maxilla. The fractures were stabilized with two SOP plates and intra-oral wiring.