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Since surgical procedures are not performed routinely on the same day as your appointment, hospitalization will most likely be needed for your pet. The duration of hospitalization varies greatly depending on the exact surgery performed, speed of recovery, and development of any complications following surgery. We will try our best to provide you with an estimated timeline for the release of your pet from the hospital. 

A permission form for the hospitalization will be provided, along with a cost estimate form. This estimate is not a quote and may be changed as the result of diagnostic testing changes the plan for treatment. Any changes in your initial estimate will be discussed with you prior to performing any additional procedures, unless an emergency situation arises.
Both forms will be taken by the small animal receptionists and copies will be provided to you. A deposit of 50 percent of the cost estimate is required at the time your pet is admitted to the VMC. The balance of the charges is required at the time of your pet's discharge from the medical center. If you have any concerns regarding the estimated cost, please ask to discuss it with the business office.
We are required to ask for your wishes regarding performing CPR in the case of a major complication leading to cardiac arrest. Please ask your attending clinician if you have any questions regarding making this decision.

The veterinary student who performed the physical exam will most likely be assigned to your pet throughout its medical center stay. (If the hospitalization is lengthy, the student may change due to their clinical rotation throughout the hospital.)

  • The student or attending clinician will contact you daily unless you discuss other arrangements. Please provide all pertinent phone numbers so that we will be successful in reaching you.
  • We will not provide information to others concerning the status of your companion animal unless we have prior permission to do so.
  • Please feel free to call the reception desk at (515) 294-4900 if you need to reach the clinician or student. Our clinicians and students make every effort to take your call. If they are busy with procedures or patient care, they will return your call as soon as possible.
All surgeries are performed by clinicians of the Soft Tissue Surgery Service with the assistance of students and technicians.

Your student or attending clinician will keep you updated on your pet’s recovery and progress following surgery, on any complications arising, and on a time for your pet’s release from the hospital. At the time of release, the student and attending clinicians will give you instructions regarding your pet’s aftercare, medications needed, and follow-up. You will receive written release information that summarizes your pet’s tests, treatments and home care instructions, a copy of which will also be sent to your regular veterinarian.