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Meet the Staff

Who's Who in the Reproductive Section at
Iowa State University Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center

Dr. Galow-Kersh


Nyomi Galow-Kersh, DVM is the ISU LVMC breeding manager. She oversees the daily care and overall well-being of the stallions as well as the collection process, semen analysis and semen shipments. Dr. Galow is in charge of the breeding management for mares brought to ISU LVMC to breed to a stallion that stands at the facility.

Nyomi graduated from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine and has completed a reproductive internship under the guidance of Dr. Lawrence Evans. She most recently worked in private equine practice in Oklahoma prior to returning to Iowa State in 2008 to become breeding manager.

Dr. Galow and her husband, Dr. Kevin Kersh, an equine surgeon at ISU LVMC enjoy all aspects of the equine industry.




Megan Anderson is the assistant barn manager at ISU LVMC. She does most of the handling of the stallions during the collection process. She also works very closely with Dr. Galow on the day-to-day care of the stallions.

Megan grew up with horses and worked at the ISU horse barn while in college at Iowa State University. After graduation she came to work at the LVMC and she brings the experience of dealing with mares and stallions.

She enjoys riding horses, working with the stallions and getting them prepared for clients to view.




Rochelle Panthen, RVT is the reproductive technician that works closely with the three doctors and is also in charge of the cryogenetics laboratory at Iowa State University Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center.

Rochelle has been with ISU LVMC and worked closely with Dr. Evans for a number of years. She spends a lot of time in the laboratory doing thorough analyses of the semen we send to mare owners from the stallions that stand with us. She also assists with the embryo transfer program.

Rochelle and her husband enjoy the outdoors and Rochelle has raised Quarter Horses and Paints for quite some time.



                           ISU LVMC Stallion Station | 1600 S. 16th St | Ames, IA  50011 
                         Phone: 515.294.9900 | Fax: 515.294.5224
                         Breeding Manager: Nyomi L. Galow-Kersh, DVM

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