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April 27, 1996–December 5, 2012



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Each one of our stallions has undergone a thorough Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BSE) and semen longevity testing to maximize each stallion's semen quality. This allows us to provide the best possible shipment from each of our stallions.

The successful completion of the BSE establishes that each of our stallions has the mental and physical capabilities necessary to deliver viable, non-infectious spermatozoa to the mare's reproductive tract.  The longevity testing is performed to determine which extender will produce the best motility after 48 hours at 5°C (shipping conditions).  By completing this test on each stallion in our facility we are able to select the most appropriate extender for each individual and therefore customize a protocol for each stallion.

Breeding Season:
February 1st – June 30th
Collection Days (all stallions): Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Semen Order Deadlines: Please see individual contracts for each stallion















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Breeding Manager: Nyomi L. Galow-Kersh, DVM