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Syllabus Recommendations

Classroom Behavior, Including Computer and IT Classroom use

The professional behavior conduct in the CVM Honor Code and ISU Policy on student classroom disruption apply:


Students are not permitted to have on their person or bring unauthorized written materials or electronic devices of any type into the examination room during written or practical examinations without permission of the instructor. Laptop computers are allowed only in examinations that are given electronically using the appropriate assigned student electronic device. If a student is observed to have an unauthorized electronic device during an examination or any unauthorized materials, the student will be quietly asked or given a written statement to stop their examination and be escorted from the room. At that point, the examination will be retained by the instructor or proctor. The event will trigger a thorough investigation of a possible academic dishonesty violation.

Academic Dishonesty and the Honor Code

Student conduct follows Iowa State University’s policy on academic dishonesty. The instructor/instructor-in-charge observing academic dishonesty reports the student suspected of academic dishonesty to the CVM Office of Academic and Student Affairs Director of Student Programs and/or Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs who reports the alleged violation to the Dean of Students Office. The violation also is submitted to the ISU CVM Honor Board. Additional campus- wide policies regarding academic misconduct are found at:


Disability Accommodation

Individuals with physical or mental impairments who are otherwise qualified to pursue their studies may request reasonable accommodations to enable them to continue their studies. For more information, see: http://www.eoc.iastate.edu/discrimination/disability.

Dead Week

For academic programs, the last week of classes is considered to be a normal week in the semester except that in developing their syllabi faculty shall consider the following guidelines:

  • Mandatory final examinations in any course may not be given during Dead Week except for laboratory courses and for those classes meeting once a week only and for which there is no contact during the normal final exam week. Take home final exams and small quizzes are generally acceptable. (For example, quizzes worth no more than 10 percent of the final grade and/or that cover no more than one-fourth of assigned reading material in the course could be given).
  • Major course assignments should be assigned prior to Dead Week (major assignments include major research papers, projects, etc.). Any modifications to assignments should be made in a timely fashion to give students adequate time to complete the assignments.
  • Major course assignments should be due no later than the Friday prior to Dead Week. Exceptions include class presentations by students, semester-long projects such as a design project in lieu of a final, and extensions of the deadline requested by students.

Harassment and Discrimination

Iowa State University strives to maintain our campus as a place of work and study for faculty, staff, and students that is free of all forms of prohibited discrimination and harassment. For more information, or if you believe you are a victim of discrimination or harassment, please visit the following URL for additional guidance: http://policy.iastate.edu/policy/discrimination/.

Religious, Civic and Military Accommodations

There may be times when an academic requirement conflicts with religious observances and practices, or required civic or military duty. If that happens, students may request reasonable accommodation of their religious practices http://www.eoc.iastate.edu/discrimination/religious
Civic http://www.dso.iastate.edu/sa/juryduty
Military http://www.veterans.iastate.edu/active-duty#leave

Unforeseen Circumstances and Adaptation of the Syllabus

Note: Information in the syllabus is subject to change. Changes will be announced in class and posted on the course site on Blackboard Learn or the appropriate Learning Management System. 

Contact Information

If you think that your rights as a student as identified above have been violated, then email academicissues@iastate.edu.