James F. Wilson, DVM, JD

Dr. James F. Wilson, DVM (Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine 1967) and JD, [law] (UCLA 1973) practiced as an associate and emergency clinician in California before becoming an entrepreneurial  partner in a multi-doctor small animal practice in Concord, CA for 10 years. He is a member of the AVMA, PVMA American Animal Hospital Association and charter member of both the American Veterinary Medical Law Association (AVMLA) and VetPartners™ (Association of Consultants and Advisors). Dr. Wilson has worked tirelessly with veterinary students all over the USA as the faculty advisor for the National Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) since it was founded in 2004. It now has chapters at all USA and Caribbean veterinary Schools.

With Nationwide/Veterinary Pet Insurance’s sponsorship, Dr. Wilson has taught veterinary law, ethics, career development and practice management at up to 18 veterinary schools each year between 2000 and 2016. When not teaching, he provides practice management, employment contract consulting and expert witness services. He has been particularly active in recent years as a voice for the veterinary students he teaches as they tackle the cost of their education relative to the salaries they earn in internships and while employed in private practices.

Dr. Wilson has received the Student AVMA Teacher of the Year Award for clinical veterinary medicine and has authored 5 books and 135 articles on veterinary law and practice management topics. He has spoken at every major national veterinary conference on multiple occasions.

In 2011 he partnered with Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to provide a video, classroom captured, 18-hour, RACE approved, online Veterinary Law and Ethics and a 6-hour RACE approved Medical Records course. The courses are available through a joint licensing agreement with Iowa State.

During the summer of 2012, Dr. Wilson and his son, Mike, managed and then bought a two-doctor small animal veterinary practice in Philadelphia. He now sees the world as a part-time practicing veterinarian and full-time, entrepreneurial, practice owner, just as was the case 25 years ago.