Veterinary Law & Ethics

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About the Course

The online Veterinary Law & Ethics course provides an in-depth study of legal and ethical matters applicable to the veterinary profession. Using real-world examples, it is designed for veterinarians, practice managers/owners and veterinary students.

The course is delivered in seven sections, available as an 18-hour course or in multi-section modules. Registrants who enroll in the full course will receive an eighth, bonus module at no additional charge.


Course Instructor

James F. Wilson, DVM, JD

Course Sections

  1. Moral, Ethical and Legal Decision-Making
  2. Understanding State Board Licensing Issues and Disciplinary Procedures
  3. Ethical Relations Between Colleagues
  4. Animal Law
  5. The Legal Use of Drugs
  6. Professional Negligence
  7. Medical Records Short Course
  8. Introduction to Contract Law (Bonus section)

Course Features

  • Available online to accommodate the busiest of schedules.
  • Section format that can be tailored to fit individual needs.
  • RACE-approved - 18 hours.


Enrollment Fees

  • Full Course: $850/individual
  • ISU Alumni Special Price: 30% off if registered for Veterinary Medical Records
  • Group Discounts for Multiple Parties 
  • Working for One Employer: Contact Steve Kellner
  • Three-Section Course (Design your own):
    • Select Any Three Sections: $450
    • Additional Three Section Courses: $300

To Enroll, Contact:

Steve Kellner
Priority Press Business Manager
(215) 321-9488 

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