Veterinary Medical Records

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About the Course

Nearly 90% of consumer complaints and state board investigations of them reveal noncompliance with recordkeeping regulations. Without good records, veterinarians cannot practice great medicine or defend their actions before state boards, judges or juries.

This online course teaches state board compliant record keeping principles that enhance the value of your practice’s records while reducing your medical, public relations and legal risks.


Course Instructor:

Dr. Lance Roasa, DVM, JD (Current)

Dr. James Wilson, DVM, JD (Previous)

Course Sections

  1. Introduction to Medical Records
  2. How Board Investigations of Alleged Violations Work
  3. Going to Court is NOT Fun – Paw & Order: The Profession on Trial Video
  4. What Gets Entered & What Does Not – Case Example
  5. Board Regulations, Laws of Evidence and Their Effect on Admissibility 
  6. Common Medical Record Errors
  7. Creativity Makes Recordkeeping Fun
  8. The Nature of Court Hearings and Trials
  9. The Epiphanies of an Expert Witness
  10. Electronic Medical Records, Client Consents, and Course Conclusion

Course Features

  • Available online to accommodate the busiest of schedules.
  • RACE-approved for 6 CE credits.


Enrollment Fees

  • Veterinary Medical Records Course: $450/individual includes 2015 book, Legal Consents 5th Ed ($100 value)

To Enroll

If you would like a custom course (individual modules from the Medical Record Keeping), then please contact Dr. Aaron Massecar ( with the type of course you would like to take and the specific modules that you would like included. That course will be created for you and a link to the course will be sent as soon as it is available.

If you would like to take either the full Medical Record Keeping course, then please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Enter the following code: HH8BW-TNM63

Course Payment Instructions

Your request for course entry will be sent to the admin team and you should have a response within one business day. Once you have been granted access to the course, you will be sent a link to pay for the course. Currently that is being run through PayPal. You can create an account or simply pay using a credit card. You will receive a notification that the payment is processing until we have had the chance to review the payment and product you are purchasing.