Course Sections

Section 1: Introduction to Medical Records

  • Identifies the six reasons medical records need to be viewed as a key ingredient of each practice’s most valuable assets.
  • Articulates how entries generate presumptions that what was entered GOT DONE and what was not entered did NOT.  
  • Describes the doctors and practices that are most vulnerable to state board investigations and discipline.

16 minutes

Section 2: How Board Investigations of Alleged Violations Work

  • Explains the process state boards purse as they investigate consumer complaints.
  • Learn how to respond to complaints without alienating the complainers.

44 minutes

Section 3: Going to Court Is NOT Fun - Paw & Order: The Profession On Trial Video

  • Go to court with Dr. Obermeyer and see firsthand the importance of good recordkeeping after viewing the only veterinary version of the television show, Law & Order. Share with your staff.

50 minutes 

Section 4: What Gets Entered & What Does NOT – Case Example

  • Identify and explain the risks from the omissions in a multi-page medical record as discussed with students in an Iowa State veterinary school classroom setting.

46 minutes 

Section 5: Board Regulations, Laws of Evidence and Their Effect on Admissibility

  • Analyze how the laws of evidence keep information out of trials or allow it in.
  • Discover how easy it is to access your state's medical record laws among the handouts included with the course.

33 minutes

Section 6: Common Medical Record Errors

  • Identify the most common, key data points that are missing in patient records and information that SHOULD vs. SHOULD NOT be entered.

30 minutes 

Section 7: Creativity Makes Recordkeeping Fun

  • Examine the 86-page handout and see its examples of innovative, efficient recordkeeping ideas.

24 minutes 

Section 8: The Nature of Court Hearings and Trials

  • Compare and contrast the Four “A’s” – alterations, amendments, addenda and adulterations and their effect on Board disciplinary actions.
  • Learn the 10 reasons clients say “no” and why documenting that reason is so important. 

Section 9: The Epiphanies of an Expert Witness

  • Discuss your own “ah ha” moments after seeing and hearing those offered by the most experienced medical record reviewer in the country.

21 minutes 

Section 10: The Nature of Court Hearings and Trials

  • Learn the pros, cons, difficulties, and value of replacing paper with electronic medical records.
  • Effectively use the client consents that come with the course to educate clients, fulfill board requirements and build a legal defense.

39 minutes 

Veterinary Medical Records graphic

quotation start I found Dr. Wilson's class to be very interesting, practical and thought provoking. It helped me to correct deficiencies in my records that may save me a lot of stress and anxiety in the future. My biggest concern was taking a course on line as I am very technologically challenged.  I found the course format to be very user friendly and the technical support staff to be courteous and helpful. Thanks for a great class experience. end quotation

Sue Swanson, DVM, Minnesota

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