quotation startI found Dr. Wilson's class to be very interesting, practical and thought provoking. It helped me to correct deficiencies in my records that may save me a lot of stress and anxiety in the future. My biggest concern was taking a course on line as I am very technologically challenged.  I found the course format to be very user friendly and the technical support staff to be courteous and helpful. Thanks for a great class experience.
Sue Swanson, DVM, Minnesota

As a Maryland Board member, I obviously find the record keeping section of your course of great interest. We have seen many cases where better records would have helped the veterinarian.
David Handel, DVM CVA CCRP Board Member, Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

As a veterinarian for thirty-eight years and an expert witness for thirty, this Online Veterinary Law and Ethics Course was by far the most comprehensive program I have ever taken.  It is one thing to read articles and textbooks, but it another to view Dr. Wilson’s dynamic presentations.  

Each module stands alone but acts as a foundation for the succeeding ones.  Dr. Wilson draws the viewer into the program and, at times, I found myself answering out loud the questions he asked.  There are extensive notes associated with the course, which act as a supplement to the Law and Ethics of the Veterinary Profession textbook. At the conclusion of each module, a quiz is presented, with questions and answers that are as thought provoking as the lectures.

We live in a demanding and litigious society, where pets are family members and clients expect perfect outcomes, where the veterinarian is a friend until some real or perceived issue arises.  Veterinary medicine has evolved from the fire-engine style practice of old to the progressive patient proactive practice of today.  

The time spent in taking Dr. James Wilson Online Veterinary Law and Ethics Course, will change how you approach each client and patient.  
Jerry Greene, DVM, Florida

As a member of the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine who has completed your online VLE course, I can recommend with confidence the sections covering the Legal Use of Drugs, Professional Negligence/Paw & Order and Medical Records as universally valuable. Another valuable group covers Moral-Ethical-Legal Decision Making, State Board Licensing Issues, and Applied Ethics – Relations with Colleagues.
Dr. Barbara Fischley, Member, Minnesota State Board of Veterinary Medicine

The things I learned that will help me succeed personally and professionally as a result of new ideas or material in the course included the importance of keeping accurate and well documented records regarding all client communications, having a good lawyer, assuming personal and professional accountability for our actions, not burning bridges with colleagues and the value that a knowledge of veterinary law brings to anyone practicing in our profession.
Kristen Britton, 2012 NVBMA President, Washington State University, Vet Med Class of 2013

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