Ophthalmic Lesion Cases

Case 18

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Case #: 85P1338

Signalment: Tonkinese cat, young adult, female.

History: Unvaccinated cat presented for weight loss and anorexia. Anterior uveitis diagnosed.

Microscopic Description: The anterior chamber is filled with serofibrinous exudate which contains a few pmns, some of which are adhered to the corneal endothelium (a). The iris contains a marked vasculocentric infiltrate of pmns, macrophages, lymphocytes and plasma cells; this exudate also contains bits of nuclear debris (b). This type and pattern of exudate is also present in the ciliary body, ciliary processes, choroid and adjacent to the optic nerve. The posterior and vitreous chambers are filled with serofibrinous exudate, similar to the anterior chamber (c). The retina is separated from the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) and there is a variable amount of serofibrinous exudate within the subretinal space (d). In addition, adjacent to the ora ciliaris retinae, the RPE is hypertrophied and there are scattered melanin-laden cells within the exudate in the subretinal space (e). The scleral vessels adjacent to the limbus are surrounded by pyogranulomatous and fibrinous exudate; this exudate is also adhered to the endothelial surface of the vessels, forming thrombi (f).

Morphologic Diagnosis: chronic vasculocentric pyogranulomatous endophthalmitis

Disease Diagnosis: endophthalmitis due to feline infectious peritonitis

Related Text: Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), Endophthalmitis

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