Frederick Douglass Patterson Spirit Award Sponsored by COVETRUS

Dr. Frederick Douglass Patterson was a champion for human rights, equality, and opportunity for all.  

During this year of celebration of Dr. Patterson’s life and legacy, we will be recognizing members of our community whose actions symbolize the spirit of those values for which he championed. The college has partnered with COVETRUS® to create the Dr. Frederick Douglass Patterson Spirit Award

On a monthly basis, we will seek nominations of members (or teams) from our community (faculty, staff, students) who through their actions during the past month, have helped to create a more inclusive community. The inaugural recipient will be a member (or team) of our community whose actions occurred in September (or since classes started). 

To make a nomination, please send the name of the nominee, their position at ISU CVM (faculty, staff, student) and a short description (250 words or less) of the action(s) they took to support an inclusive community and the impact those actions had. December nominations are due by February 3 and can be sent to Dave Gieseke at

As an incentive, for each nomination received, a $10 donation from a generous donor will be made to the Frederick Douglass Patterson Opportunity Fund.