WorkCyte will modernize Iowa State University's software systems and redesign the way the university and its units do business. The cloud-based software is scheduled to be launched July 1, 2019.

The College of Veterinary Medicine has established a Project Implementation Team (PIT) Crew. The PIT Crew will provide information on training sessions and workshops and field questions to best prepare CVM faculty and staff for the transition. Questions or comments about the Workday implementation at the college level can be sent to

WorkCyte News will regularly help faculty and staff in the College of Veterinary Medicine learn more about upcoming improvements to software and business processes.
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PIT Crew

  • Administration
    • Renee Knosby, director of operations
    • Steven Kovarik, information technology manager
    • Karol Krumm, program coordinator (business)
    • Lindsey Tackett, human resources coordinator
    • Dave Gieseke, communications manager
  • Department and Unit Representatives
    • Biomedical Sciences: Kim Adams & Kelle Sickerson
    • Veterinary Clinical Sciences: Lindsay Alley  
    • Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine: Tammy Krock
    • Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center: Kathi Cunningham
    • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory: Jennifer Holdredge & Christine Lee
    • Academic and Student Affairs: Melody Gustafson
    • Center for Food Security and Public Health: Dawne Buhrow & Tom Skadow

Improved Service Delivery (ISD) Transition Team

  • Lindsey Tackett, co-chair, human resources coordinator
  • Courtney Vengrin, co-chair, adjunct assistant professor
  • Karol Krumm, program coordinator
  • Lisa Sebring, administration specialist III and assistant to the dean
  • Katie Woodard, veterinary specialist
  • Steven Kovarik, information technology manager