WorkCyte News April 2019

This month, we are highlighting the role of your PIT Crew, changes to faculty pay and benefits, and a to-do list to help ensure your information is accurate when it transitions to Workday.

Make a pit stop at the desk of your favorite PIT Crew member …
… and thank them for taking on the extra work that is part of the role. The “PIT” in PIT Crew stands for Project Implementation Team, and their role includes reviewing WorkCyte changes and implementation plans, identifying roles throughout the unit, and determining appropriate training needs.

The PIT Crew for the College of Veterinary Medicine includes:

  • Administration
    • Renee Knosby, director of operations
    • Steven Kovarik, information technology manager
    • Karol Krumm, program coordinator (business)
    • Lindsey Tackett, human resources coordinator
    • Dave Gieseke, communications manager
  • Department and Unit Representatives
    • Biomedical Sciences: Kim Adams & Kelle Sickerson
    • Veterinary Clinical Sciences: Lindsay Alley & Ashley Rasmussen
    • Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine: Anastasia Whited
    • Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine: Tammy Krock
    • Veterinary Pathology: Mark Ratekin
    • Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center: Kathi Cunningham
    • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory: Jennifer Holdredge & Christine Lee
    • Academic and Student Affairs: Melody Gustafson
    • Center for Food Security and Public Health: Dawne Buhrow & Tom Skadow

Of course, PIT Crews shouldn’t be confused with the Transition Teams (even though a few colleagues have the distinction of serving on both!). The Transition Teams are specific to Improved Service Delivery, working with both employees and managers to redistribute responsibilities for those colleagues who are moving to the service teams, as well as those who will remain in their units.

Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest PIT Crew member if you have questions about the WorkCyte program. They might not know all the answers, but they certainly know how to find them.

Changes to faculty pay and benefits
B-base faculty (generally, faculty on 9-month appointments) received a communication earlier this week outlining changes to how benefits are processed and deducted during the summer months. If you missed it, here’s a quick summary of actions that are required by May 16.

  • Summer salary: To ensure you are paid correctly over the summer, let your department chair or administrative staff support know immediately if you plan to earn summer salary. Faculty who have summer salary processed in May or June will have one month of benefits deducted from each month of their summer pay.  This means there will not be a double or triple deduction in May, so long as summer salary appointments are processed by May 16!  (The primary focus is on May and June salary/deductions, which will occur before Workday is launched on July 1. If summer pay is processed in July or August, those benefit deductions will also occur in each month’s pay.)
  • Resignations/retirements: Likewise, timely processing of faculty who are separating from the university will help avoid double or triple deductions taken from the May paycheck.  Let your department chair know immediately if you plan to resign or retire from your position at the end of the current academic year (i.e., May 15, 2019).  Faculty who plan to resign during the summer, and who have a paid summer appointment, will have benefits coverage only until the end of their last summer month.

Again, the timely processing of summer salary, retirements, and resignations will help prevent incorrect withholding for benefits, which must be remedied at a later date, as well as ensure that Workday has the most accurate information when it becomes operational in July.

The entire communication can be seen on the Provost’s Office website. You can also find more faculty specific information under the Faculty tab on the WorkCyte website.

Your pre-Go-Live to-do list
Wow, that’s a lot of hyphens…

There are a few simple things you can do now to help ensure that your information is accurate and up to date when it migrates Workday on July 1:

  • Update your personal information, including any name and address changes
  • Process any outstanding reimbursements
  • For faculty, complete the summer salary or 12-month pay option process, if applicable
  • Make any desired changes to your payroll direct deposit information

For more information …
Look for more information on WorkCyte each month through this newsletter. You can also stay up-to-date by reading Inside Iowa State every week, and by visiting the project website: