WorkCyte News December 2018

Happy Winter Break! This month’s edition – published a few days earlier than usual due to the holiday – features  a rundown of things we’ll be doing ourselves in Workday. In the meantime, best wishes for a relaxing break, and quality time spent with family and friends.

Employee Self-Service
Employee Self-Service, or ESS, is an umbrella term that captures all the things employees will be able to do themselves in Workday. In some cases, we’ll be moving from paper to online processes. In other cases, the processes will replace those currently available in AccessPlus, with fewer log-ins and easier navigation.

Absence management
Iowa State employees currently ask for time off in a variety of ways, including by email, by calendar request, or even in passing hallway conversations. Workday will streamline the process for time off requests and approvals, bringing it completely online. In the case of sick leave, employees will also be able to make requests remotely through the Workday app, or enter their leave into the system once they return to the office.

Employees can request multiple absences in one “transaction” (all those away football or volleyball games for your kids, for example). The request(s) is then routed to your manager or other “approver,” who can approve or deny it, or send it back for additional information. 

The other benefit is that you will no longer need to fill out a form at the end of each month to report how much vacation or sick leave you have used. Current accruals and balances will be tracked automatically in Workday.

The same process can be used to request leaves of absence, which are longer in duration, and may not have a definitive return date (returning to work after a pregnancy, for example). When use of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is required for time off, those hours will also be tracked online, replacing the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets you’re currently using. University Human Resources will continue to manage leaves of absence, including the use of FMLA.

Updating personal and payroll information
Workday also makes it easy to update your contact and other personal information, including:

  • Changing your preferred name (“Elizabeth” to “Beth,” for example)
  • Changing your legal name due to a life event (this will also require you to upload the appropriate legal documentation, such as a marriage license)
  • Editing emergency contact information, such as non-ISU phone numbers, or email and home addresses
  • Changing federal or state withholding
  • Changing banks/accounts for direct deposit

For more information …
Look for more information on WorkCyte each month through this newsletter. You can also read more about the initiative in Inside Iowa State, and on the project website:

New on the website in recent weeks are graphics that highlight which legacy systems will be sunset after Workday goes live in July.