Forever True, For Iowa State

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Campaign Priorities

In the “Forever True for Iowa State” $1.5 billion fundraising campaign, the College of Veterinary Medicine seeks to raise $81 million in a series of eight priority projects.

These include:

Chairs and Professorships 
Faculty endowments are critical to assist in the recruiting of key faculty researchers in the college in the emerging areas including infectious disease research and in specialty areas of veterinary medicine. Through private support, the college will be able to retain and recruit high-quality faculty researchers who will play prominent roles in solving tomorrow’s problems today.

DVM Scholarships
Student debt load is an increasingly troubling issue for veterinary colleges across the country including Iowa State University. Recent private support efforts has helped increase the amount of scholarships the college awards annually to over $725,000, but that figure will need in increase significantly over the coming years.

Hospital Excellence 
Past private support has brought much needed improvements to the small and large animal hospital infrastructure in the College of Veterinary Medicine. As a result, the welfare of human beings and their animals are being improved on a daily basis but more is need to continue to provide that outstanding level of care.

Specifically, the college is looking to create a Comparative Oncology Treatment Center with a new Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) unit.

Student Educational Space and Clinical Skills Laboratory 
The Clinical Skills Laboratory is relatively new to the college but the results over that short period of time have been amazing. The lab was created to provide students with multiple opportunities, allowing them to become more confident with veterinary procedures they will use after graduation. Additional state-of-the-art computer programs and realistic animal models are needed to give students even more exposures to these important veterinary medical techniques.

The college is in desperate need of additional functional student study areas. The Commons Café project will create additional spaces that is not available within the current college facility structure.

Graduate Fellowships 
In order to attract outstanding research faculty members, the college also needs to seek out the very best graduate students. Additional and innovative graduate fellowships are essential to enable the college to pursue these top students.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
When the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory opened its doors in the 1970s the state-of-the-art facility was the envy of the industry. And over the years, the VDL has performed wonders. Built for 30 faculty and technical staff, the facility now has four times that number of employees. Space is inadequate and with more than 1500 new cases each week, biosafety issues are a concern. A new, stand-alone VDL will solve these problems as well as incorporate current approaches and regulations regarding containment of biohazards.

The new $120 million capital project will be the largest in Iowa State history and is top priority of the university and Board of Regents. The project will meet all future demands for diagnostic testing, while freeing up 50,000 square feet of space in the current building for repurposing for college use.

Dean’s Strategic Funds 
As well as providing unrestricted funds for the college’s deans to use to fund discretionary projects, these dollars will elevate aspects of the college’s programs both strategically and as needs develop.