Hospital Program Support and Equipment


Previous private support has greatly aided the expansion of the large and small animal hospitals in the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center.

In the current “Forever True, for Iowa State” fundraising campaign, additional support is sought to bring much needed improvements to both facilities.

“The welfare of human beings and their animals are being improved on a daily basis but more is needed to continue to provide the outstanding level of care that we offer at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center,” said Dr. Tom Johnson, director of hospital operations.

The College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking to raise $10 million in hospital program support and equipment. Specifically, the college is looking to create a Comparative Oncology Treatment Center with a new Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) unit.

SRT units drastically reduce the amount of treatments needed for cancer patients.

“There is less risk to the patient and they are able to recover better and quicker with this type of treatment,” Johnson said.

A SRT unit would be unique to this part of the country and could attract veterinary patients from Minneapolis, Kansas City and locales in between to Ames. The additional caseload would be beneficial to fourth year veterinary students with increased exposure to oncology cases, lab work and a higher surgical load.

In addition to a new SRT unit, the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center is also looking to expand their MRI technology.

“These pieces of equipment would make not only a huge difference in the level of care we can offer our patients, but also in terms of the exposure that our students will have in these areas,” Johnson said.

Additional support to the hospitals could also include new clinicians in a variety of specialty areas include neurology.