Clarification Regarding Face Coverings in Rounds Rooms

Dear Faculty, Staff, and 4th Year Students,

We greatly appreciate all your efforts to protect the health of everyone in our CVM community.  We have received several inquiries regarding the communication from Provost Wickert on July 22 regarding face coverings, syllabus language, and class attendance and what appears to be a conflict with our CVM 4th year COVID-19 guidelines.  Of particular concern is the comment “students will be required to wear face coverings and/or face shields when they are in learning spaces” and its implication for rounds rooms.

We consider rounds rooms as special areas for students to eat, rest, and have a brief reprieve from wearing face coverings. That is why rounds room capacity is limited and student workstations are distanced at least 6 feet from each other. Students are always welcome to wear face coverings in rounds rooms if they choose, but they are not required to do so (unless directed specifically by the service leader). Most rounds rooms are not currently being used to deliver rounds as they were prior to COVID-19. Rather, rounds are often being delivered virtually, without faculty present. Of course, when rounds occur face-to-face in rounds rooms, everyone in the room should put on their face coverings.  

The veterinary school is unique from main campus in many ways, so we often follow slightly different guidelines. The Provost and ISU Incident Command Team reviewed our guidelines before implementation and approved the plan to allow the lowering of face coverings in rounds rooms when 6 ft of physical distancing is maintained. Last week (mid July) Provost Wickert verified continued approval of these guidelines.

If there are additional questions or concerns regarding the guidelines, please contact OASA (students) or your departmental chair (faculty and staff). 

Again, we greatly appreciate everyone’s effort in continuing to follow our guidelines and protect our CVM community. CYCLONES CARE.

Jared Danielson, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs