End of the Semester Message from Dean Grooms

Today marks not only the end of the spring semester, but also the end of seven weeks we have been operating under COVID-19 restrictions. For ALL of us, this has been a grueling time that has required immense energy to operate.  I see the impact every day in faculty, staff and students. But despite this immense disruption, here is what I have observed;

  • At the flip of a switch, our faculty and staff successfully transitioned an intense DVM curriculum to an on-line format. I am incredibly proud of this work. 
  • The LVMC has continued to provide needed services to our clients and their animals.  Faculty and staff have come together as a team to adjust operations and deliver animal health care while at the same time doing what’s necessary to keep our community safe.
  • The Food Animal Hospital and Veterinary Field Service has continued to provide services to farmers necessary to protect our food supply.  Their service is critical, especially during this time when animal agriculture is facing enormous challenges. 
  • Veterinary Pathology has continued to provided needed diagnostic services to referring veterinarians and the LVMC. Just one more example of the essential services we provide to protect both animal and human health.
  • The VDL continues to provide needed diagnostic services to protect animal and public health. The importance of the VDL team in protecting a very fragile food supply has never been more evident.
  • The efforts being taken by the VDL faculty and staff to support human COVID-19 testing in Iowa has been critical to the statewide response.  A great example of how ISU leverages its expertise to help solve problems.
  • Many of our research faculty have engaged in COVID-19 research with projects looking at novel vaccines and therapeutic approaches, and further understanding basic virus biology. Could one of the approaches being investigated be a game changer for COVID-19 or the next emerging pathogen?
  • Our incredible staff has continued to provide services necessary to support our missions. Student support, IT, HR, finance, building maintenance, communications, ….the list goes on and on.  Our staff are truly heroes during this time.  Without them, the accomplishments listed above would not have occurred.
  • The college leadership has been working long hours to make difficult decisions.  I am proud of how they are working together to chart a path forward into a future that is unclear and that changes quickly. 
  • Our students have been incredible in continuing to learn under circumstances none of us imagined seven weeks ago.  I am so proud of their resilience,  strength and understanding during this time.
  • Finally, I am proud of our community for doing what is necessary to keep our community safe.  Social distancing, increased cleaning and disinfecting, face masks, working remotely….THANK YOU!

THANK YOU for all you are doing to meet our missions and to keep our community healthy.   

Dan Grooms DVM, PhD
Dr. Stephen G. Juelsgaard Dean Of Veterinary Medicine