Adulting in Veterinary School: you will never be caught up

September 2018

In undergraduate, you may have had time to finish your studying or projects each night, watch a little TV or read a book (for fun!), and get up each morning to go for a run.  Maybe you went dancing every Thursday night, spent weekends at a friend's place, and only ever didn't receive a full 8 hours of sleep by choice.

In veterinary school, you enter this Twilight Zone where I swear there are only like 6 hours in the day -where did the other 18 go!? 

One of the hardest things to accept in veterinary school is that you will likely NEVER be caught up on work. You may set up study plans and work hard each night, but you will never, ever, be able to read four chapters of radiology, organize your physiology notes, and burn the parts of the femur for eight species into your head all in the same night. It is never gonna happen. If it does, you are in the top 1%! 

For the other 99% of us, one way to overcome this is to find people you can trust to start divvying up the study work (as long as it is not against school policy!). I struggled greatly to sort out the key facts from fluff in one course, but I can whip up a table with diagrams like it is my job! So, it did become my job! I organize all of the hodge-podge notes my friends (team) collected from our lectures and textbook, and they loved having my cohesive outlines for intense pre-exam review. I passed the course, and so did my friends. 

I am staring into our soul here: the sooner you accept you will never be caught up, the sooner you will find inner peace, the path to tranquility, a big cup of happiness. 

Namaste ;)