Brent Sexton

Rotations, Boards, and Job Prospects

February 2018

Hello everyone,

It’s astonishing how quickly time seems to pass during my fourth year. Another month has flown by, and I’m just 80 or so days from graduation.

Since my trip to North Carolina, I have continued to spend most of my time working with hogs – which I’m pretty ok with. My last two rotations were with the ISU Swine Medicine Education Center (SMEC). The first was a swine pharmacology rotation, and the second was a more general production medicine rotation.

On the road ... Iowa to North Carolina

January 2018

Since our last visit, I have wrapped up a few more rotations and done a bit of traveling. I spent two weeks on the Clinical Pathology and Necropsy rotation. We spent the first half of each day evaluating blood smears, serum chemistries and complete blood counts. This is not my strong suit, but I was able to vastly improve my ability to perform and interpret these diagnostic tests. In the afternoon, we performed necropsies on deceased animals in the hopes of identifying the cause of their clinical signs. Altogether, it was a good two weeks, and I certainly didn’t mind being inside when the temperatures started dropping below zero degrees.

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