First Rotations

May 2019

Good day everyone!

I officially started my fourth year roughly two weeks ago, and I must admit, it’s a surreal moment for me to finally be at this point of my veterinary education. My friends and I were reminiscing how intense the first years of vet school were for us, but we were able to surpass those challenges and become one step closer to becoming a doctor.

During my first two blocks, I headed back home in Los Angeles for some fun in the sun, as well as some work time. I did a one-week externship at VCA West Los Angeles. It was an awesome experience. I enjoyed shadowing the interns and clinicians and I appreciated them including me in their cases and being able to see the doctor’s interactions with the clients and their pets. I rotated through multiple departments, which included ICU/Emergency, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Primary Care, and Neurology. I also attended rounds in the mornings and evenings. I was able to work with interns and obtain their perspective on internships, how to apply, and if they enjoyed their time overall in an internship. The stories and input the interns and doctors shared with me were highly valuable to me, and I am very happy to have connected and worked with the team during the little time I was with them.

I am currently in Asheville, North Carolina, and I have just completed my first week at the ASPCA Humane Alliance rotation. So far, I am enjoying this experience! In the first few days of being here, I have already completed 5 surgeries, which included 2 dog neuters, 2 cat neuters, and one kitten spay. The mentorship I’ve been provided here is impeccable. The clinicians and staff are very supporting and bestow a very encouraging and welcoming environment. This has helped me become less nervous about performing surgery, and become more confident in my surgical skills. I am very happy to be able to take part in saving animals from being euthanized and help decrease the overpopulation of animals in our cities. I also met students from other universities, such as the University of Florida, University of Wisconsin and Canada. It’s great to meet other students and collaborate and share ideas on veterinary medicine, as well as bonding with them after a long day in surgery. I am also glad to have two of my best vet school friends here with me on the externship, who can cook delicious food with me during the evenings.

While I am at the ASPCA, I am going to take the opportunity to explore Asheville and its surroundings. Some places on my to-go list include the Smokey Mountains, the DuPont Waterfalls, The Biltmore Estates, and the downtown district of Asheville, which I hear has a ton of amazing restaurants to choose from (not to mention all of the hipsters that roam the area). I also heard that Asheville has great hiking trails, as well as a good cider bar. I am not a big cider drinker, but I am definitely going to check out the gorgeous hiking trails.

Until next time,


“It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.” 
― Lou Holtz