First Year of Vet Med Almost Done!

April 2017

Hey there everyone! It is that time of the year I have been waiting for … “dead week”. And no, it isn’t the week where all zombies are let loose across campus (although that would be fairly interesting). “Dead week” is the week before the week of finals. Essentially, club activities and meetings subside during dead week, giving us students more time to focus and expend every last bit of energy we can muster to get us through our official last week of lectures and labs.

The month of April has been particularly exciting for me. I was able to participate in two wet labs. One of these wet labs was the wound management wet lab, hosted by the Emergency Club. I was given the opportunity to practice flushing, debriding and closing up wounds. This was great experience, since this skill is very applicable for not only in emergency settings but also in general practice. In addition, I also assisted and participated in the caprine eye enucleation wet lab, hosted by the Ophthalmology Club. This lab in particular, was a great way to acquire additional suturing experience. It was incredibly beneficial to have various ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents by my side to guide me and share a few pointers with me for the enucleation procedure.

This month is also the time when club nominations are held, giving first and second years a chance to fill leadership roles and gain experience, while third years move on to clinical rotations after finals week. I was elected treasurer and fundraising chair of the Ophthalmology Club. I am very excited for the future prospects of the club, and the opportunity to work with the new executive club members, and help continue to make the club grow and flourish as it has been.

As I watch the sun set on this gorgeous Sunday evening, I remind myself that there are less than 12 days until I complete my first year of vet school. I am inspired to give it my very best during these last few days of school, and I’m looking forward to the road trip back to Los Angeles for the summer break.

Until next time,