Fourth-Year Challenges

January 2017
Dan Breuer examining x-rays

Hello again! Finally, the calendar has transitioned to a year that myself, along with my class mates have waited to lay our eyes on for a very long time. In 2017 we will graduate and see ourselves move onto starting the first segment of our young careers as veterinarians. This particular time for a fourth year is generally filled with a lot of excitement, mixed with a heavy dose of nervousness and suspense. Though we are preparing to walk across the stage in five short months, along with that act comes the challenge of finding and accepting a job, or searching for that perfect internship, in addition to moving you and your belongings to a different part of the county, state, or country.

Yes, being a 4th year veterinary student in January offers a unique set of mental hurdles. As the days pass, nervously clicking on your email inbox to monitor for an incoming NAVLE (board exam) score, in combination with making a habit of refreshing job posting pages becomes the daily norm. To an outsider looking in, it would seem that the 4th year student has it all figured out, and that the cake walk to graduation couldn’t come soon enough, but for most 4th years, the early winter lull is a perfect opportunity to gather yourself professionally. As the calendar months slip by, the anxiety inducing NAVLE result posting will come and go, and more and more prospective veterinarians will find and accept awesome job opportunities or internships. By the time we walk across the stage on May 6th, we may just have found enough moxie to look our family in the eye and act like we do in fact have everything all figured out, but until then, we will continue to chip away at our professional “to-do” lists with our eye set on May 6th. Ready or not! Here it comes.

Until next time,
Dan Breuer