Fourth-year student

Final Rotations!

May 2019

My final rotation at ISU CVM was Clinical Microbiology and Diagnostic Laboratory, which was perfect for me due to an overwhelming amount of swine cases. For me, the diagnostic laboratory portion was the most beneficial to read case histories, sort through submitted tissues, and develop a prioritized differential list. This experience further emphasized the importance of providing both a thorough and relevant history, along with collecting the appropriate sample, at the appropriate time, and selecting the appropriate test.

Wrapping Up the Fourth-Year

April 2019

After the 2019 AASV Annual Meeting in FL, I traveled back home to continue some wedding planning, and then headed to southern MN for another preceptorship. I spent two weeks with New Fashion Pork (NFP) in Jackson, MN. I really enjoyed my time with the company and had great mentorship during my stay. I was able to gain confidence collecting blood samples from pigs of various ages and setting up a variety of ventilation controllers. I benefited greatly from walking through water medicator and fan calculations.

First Rotations

May 2019

Good day everyone!

I officially started my fourth year roughly two weeks ago, and I must admit, it’s a surreal moment for me to finally be at this point of my veterinary education. My friends and I were reminiscing how intense the first years of vet school were for us, but we were able to surpass those challenges and become one step closer to becoming a doctor.

We do have hobbies, too!

April 2019

The end of April has been a wonderful time!  I have only 7 days left from the time of writing this post until I finish all of my classes!!  I have 10 years into this education post-high school, so it is a completely foreign life I am preparing to launch into in a few short days. 

Now, I absolutely love veterinary medicine, but in this last month or so I have absolutely loved diving into all of the things non-vetmed.  I have been able to learn so many new things!  

Adulting in Veterinary School: ALL the fluffy, scaly, and adorable family members!

March 2019

This is the first two days in a row I have had off in weeks, and it is amazing!  I have gotten so much done this weekend; I think I am remembering how to be a regular functional member of society again!  I even saw the sun today!!  Periodically, as I food-prepped and cleaned, I found my mind wandering to that dangerous topic: pets. 


February 2019

I spent the last four weeks on the Emergency Service clinical rotation.  The first two weeks were nightshift (8PM-8AM) followed by two weeks of dayshift (8AM-8PM).   I was terrified for this required rotation -the idea of pulling all-nighters through 12 hour shifts, caring for patients when I had yet to barely grasp even basic medicine (impostor syndrome, much!), and how to know what to do when that critical case would come to the front door… did I mention I was terrified?


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