Mental Breaks - Take Them

March 2018

Greetings folks!

It has come to that time of the semester when us vet students can take a sigh of relief and embrace spring break.

After two months of non-stop midterm exams, I decided to take a mental break and venture out to Chicago for some sight -seeing, as well as to experience the infamous Chicago deep-dish pizza! Chicago is about a five-and-a-half-hour drive from Ames.

During my stay, I visited Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo (which has an amazing primate exhibit), and Navy Pier. It’s important to take time off from studies and take a mental break to recuperate from the stresses of vet school. It can be mentally and physically overwhelming to study for hours and hours with no break.

I definitely recommend doing something fun during the spring break. You don’t need to take the whole week off, if you don’t want to. However, just a day or two can really make a difference and recharge your brain for the rest of the semester.

After a refreshing spring break, it was back to the realities of school.

One of the great opportunities you’ll be able to do during your second year is to perform castrations on cats from local animal shelters.

 Each teammate was able to rotate tasks, and have the ability to experience being the anesthetist and the surgeon. During the lab time, each team had a surgeon from the college, guiding us on our surgical approach from start to end. It may be daunting for some students to be in charge of anesthesia, I know I was nervous about being the anesthetist. It is not bad at all, as there were anesthesiologists right by my side, mentoring me along the way.

After the castration, each group writes a medical record and types up a surgery report and submits it for review. This surgery lab was an invaluable experience and is a great transition for the up and coming community outreach program during the third year.

Until next time,


“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs, but how high he bounces when he hits the bottom.” – George S. Patton