Moving toward the end of the third year!

April 2019

Greetings everyone!

April has been full of fun events, one of them being a field trip to the Blank Park Zoo with the Ophthalmology Club. It was a great experience shadowing an ophthalmologist and observing how ocular exams are performed on zoo animal species. We were able to see ocular exams on an 80+ year old tortoise, sea lions, bats, lizards, and a small owl. I personally loved looking into the owl’s eyes, as they don’t blink as often as humans do.

It’s hard to believe that in about 2 weeks, clinical year will begin. I am both terrified, but also excited for the next chapter of my vet school career. It will be refreshing to see real life cases and apply all of the information we learned in the lecture hall in clinics. Another plus is not having to sit in the lecture hall for 6+ hours, although I was told by a 4th year that I will still be sitting a lot in the rounds room (but this is far more exciting than being in the lecture hall, whoop!).

For my first two blocks of my senior year, I will be flying back to Los Angeles to see my friends and family (since I haven’t seen them since December). On one of the weeks that I will be back in my hometown, I will be doing a preceptorship at VCA West LA, where I will be rotating to different departments every single day of the week. I’m ecstatic for this opportunity to see the day-to-day operations of a specialty referral center, and also gain knowledge of case management from the doctors and interns.

After my first 2 blocks, I will be traveling to Asheville, NC, for a spay/neuter preceptorship with Humane Alliance. This is another preceptor that I am also looking forward to; Not only will I be mentored by a veterinarian and gaining surgical experience under my belt, but I will also be able to venture out of Ames for a bit and explore the city of Asheville. For those students who may be interested in doing a preceptor with Humane Alliance, I highly recommend applying two years in advanced, as slots fill up quickly! I recall applying for the Humane Alliance preceptor during my second semester of first year.

Well, it’s back to studying for my second and last exam in cytology, and then it is onward to the penurious and miserly finals week (not to mention, this is my last finals week ever!). I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures of my preceptorships next month. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog!



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