November - and much needed break!

November 2017

Hello everyone!

It has been a chilly start to November, with mighty winds and sprinkles of rain here and there, but we vet students keep holding strong as the semester is nimbly approaching its end. The last two weeks of October have been very busy for all of us, particularly when the second round of exams occurred right before Halloween.

During the month of October, I was able to assist in the Canine Eye Exam, which the Ophthalmology Club holds every Fall semester. It was a great opportunity to get hands-on experience thoroughly examining the eyes of live dogs, as well as being familiar with the fancy tools that the ophthalmologists work with every day.

The week right before the Thanksgiving break will be an especially busy and stressful time, since we have our third round of exams that include Pathology and Parasitology, and quizzes sprinkled here and there. We also took our third Microbiology lecture and lab exams this week. It feels so good to know that our midterm exams for Microbiology are completed (but we VM2s are super scared for the final, yikes!).

As I take a break from my studies, I am day dreaming of the day I embark on the plane to visit my family and friends in Los Angeles during the Thanksgiving break. It will be swell to catch up on some needed sleep, as well as taking a dip into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and soak up the sunny climate of the west coast. Now that I have snapped out of my day dream, it is time to embrace reality and continue to study for the upcoming Pathology exam.

Inspirational quote of the month: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”- Thomas Edison

Until next time,