Practice-Ready and Living the Dream

June 2017

Hi everyone! Wow, a month into work (post-graduation) and it has flown by! There have been way too many stories to tell, and every day seems to go by more quickly than the last.

I’d like to give you a snap shot into my current employment situation. I accepted a job as a mixed-animal veterinarian in northwest Illinois, with the Lena Veterinary Clinic. The clinic is composed of seven primarily large-animal veterinarians, and two primarily small-animal veterinarians. Thus far, I have been spending the majority of my time meeting our dairy clients, and performing routine herd health visits. A smaller portion of my time has been devoted to small animal appointments and surgeries, as well as some equine calls, which has involved a lot of equine reproduction work.

Every day has been fun, and it’s completely true that you know a lot more than you think you do coming out of veterinary school. However, there are plenty of moments every day when you realize that you vaguely remember a subject or the answer to a question, only to find that you are not able to harken back on the correct answer. (There’s always a textbook to crack open or a veterinary web search to perform every night!)

Overall, every day is a mix of new and exciting calls, people, and opportunities. Tough situations are always present, but having a good attitude, and always paying attention to what the technician is trying to tell you generally results in a positive outcome!

You don’t realize the great education you received at ISU-CVM until you graduate. Just know that you are as much, or more prepared, educated, and practice-ready than any other veterinary school in the country.

Keep your head down and your goals lofty! 

Signing off, 

Dan Breuer, DVM ('17)

Editor's note: Special thanks to Dr. Breuer for being the original blogger. What a pioneer! We wish you the best. THANKS! :-) Tracy