Round 2, Semester 2

January 2018

Hello everyone!

I am back in Ames for round two of second semester. Winter break seemed to have gone so very fast, but it was very nice to spend time with my family and friends and take advantage of the food galore during the holidays. Now that I am back in Ames, things have been rolling and picking up speed.

We have an exam coming up in Pharmacology in less than two weeks! So far, I’ve been enjoying each and every one of the classes this semester. I am really enjoying surgery lab, where we have a lot of hands on opportunities to practice different suture patterns on cadaver dogs and equine legs. We also have been practicing how to monitor a patient under anesthesia and practice intubating using a real life dog model. We have also been practicing how to use Dopplers to measure someone’s blood pressure and getting used to finding a pulse on a patient.

Another fun lab that we had was the feline handling lab. As a group, we practiced stress-free handling with student’s pet cat. We practiced doing “burrito wrapping” on a cat, which is essentially wrapping the cat in a soft blanket in order to keep the cat calm and snug during a physical exam.

This month, the Ophthalmology Club hosted a surgical techniques lab, in which students can practice performing various techniques on porcine eyes. One of the techniques that the Ophthalmology club members practiced included performing an aqueocentesis, in which fluid is collected from the anterior chamber of the lens to alleviate any pressure build up in the anterior chamber that can cause damage to the eye.

I’m looking forward to working with the horses and practicing using the cool ophthalmology tools during the equine ophthalmology wet lab being held next month. I can’t wait to share my experience with all of you lovely readers!

Until next time,