Spring Break

March 2019

Greetings everyone!
It’s the week after spring break, and I must say, my brain has one leg in vacation mode and slowly tippy toeing its way towards study mode (but let’s be honest, my brain is mostly preferring vacation mode at this moment).

This past spring break, I decided to stay in Ames mostly because the flights to Los Angeles were ridiculously expensive, but I also wanted the opportunity to focus on my mental health and well-being and catch up with friends that were also staying in town. You’ve probably seen me mentioning this in previous blog entries, but one of the best de-stressors for me is to watch Netflix, Hulu or even go out to a movie with friends. This is exactly what I did during my week off.

I also took this opportunity to visit the State Gym and get a workout going. For those don’t know what the State Gym is, it is a gym located on Iowa State’s main campus that is open to students and faculty. It’s embarrassing to mention this, but this was my first time visiting the State Gym ever, and also my first time working out in over 8 months. I was very impressed with the gym and all of the equipment and facilities they have to offer.

Personally, I really enjoyed running on the track and pretending to be some sort of an Olympic runner. I instantly felt so much happier and accomplished after my first workout session. It just reminded me of how important it is to take the time for one’s self. In the hustle and bustle of studying for exams every week, it’s so easy to overlook incorporating some physical activity into my schedule, even if it’s for 30 minutes a day. I will definitely be returning to the gym a few times a week.

Before I leave you with my quote of the month, I am very excited to share with you plan for this upcoming week. I will be going on a field trip to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, courtesy of the Ophthalmology Club. I am looking forward to observing the Ophthalmologist perform ocular exams on owls, sea lions and tortoises. Stay tuned for my next blog entry!

Until next time,


“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do”- Brian Tracy