Tests, and More Tests, and Cats!

February 2017

It is unbelievable how quickly the month of February has gone by. This is mainly due to the fact that exams have started taking place, and time flies when you’re too busy studying and catching up in class. In the case for VM1s, we’ve had at least one exam every week since the start of February. These exams are rolling and keeping us on our toes!

This month, I participated in the ISU Feral Cat Alliance clinic. This is a program where students from all years can sign up to help with the surgical prepping, anesthesia monitoring and recovery of feral cats. These feral cats are neutered and/or spayed and then released back into their environment. I was very fortunate to take part in the recovery team. The recovery team’s job is to monitor every patient after surgery. Each patient must be monitored by checking their temperature often, and making sure the patients are comfortable and warm. This program offers great hands-on experience on blood draws, catheter placement, anesthesia monitoring and surgery. Another great aspect about this program is that you are able to be mentored by upperclass veterinary students who are eager and willing to teach first- and second-year students on how to monitor anesthesia and/or prep for surgery.

Until next time,