Third-year student

I make the top 50% of the class possible

February 2020

I did not accumulate the most impressive GPA during undergraduate school, but I was still fairly competitive. When it came to the animal science courses specifically, I will be honest, I was pretty cutthroat. I was one of those cringey students that would argue for every extra point I could get, because I was determined to get into veterinary school. However, once I got in, I realized that they had handpicked a lot of students who were at the top of their class. And as Syndrome from Mr. Incredible says “when everyone is super, no one is.”

Quarantine, COVID 19 & Creativity

March 2020

Back in October 2019, I was privileged enough to attend the 2019 AVMA Economic Summit in Chicago (which I realize to some, may sound like torture), but it is right up my personal alley of interest. As I got checked in, I was pumped and ready to talk about macroeconomics, student debt, behavioral economics and the financial future of veterinary medicine! Then I looked at the schedule and saw one of the Keynote speakers was a non-veterinarian, non-economist speaker talking about... creativity?

Staying Motivated

February 2017

What an interesting Spring semester it has been thus far. I have to admit that my motivation has not been up to par with previous semesters, but it has been a little difficult to focus with 60-70 degree weather and clinics in ~70 days!  Regardless, the most interesting classes this semester are Ophthalmology and Radiology (even though Radiology lives up to its reputation of making life a struggle bus, and I am clearly biased when it comes to Ophthalmology).

Preparing for Internships

March 2017

Now back from break, the prospect of clinics is becoming more exciting as we only have ~40 days left in the classroom. I took this final spring break (yes, the actual last academic vacation) to relax and spend time in Los Angeles with friends. However, spring break was not just about relaxation. Los Angeles is my primary area of interest for living post-graduation, whether that be in an internship (hopefully) or working as a general practitioner. With that being said, it is important to find practices of interest for prospective internships during the third year of veterinary school… or even earlier! 

Time flies!

December 2017

I am writing from sunny Southern California! Now that the semester is over it’s nice to be back with family and friends to recuperate and get ready for the New Years! I’m so happy to be back with family especially since this will be my last “big” break before clinics that I get to spend at home! I can’t believe one semester stands between me and my last year at ISU!


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