Time to Recharge and Register for Second Year

March 2017

I just had a week off for spring break and I decided to stay in Ames and recharge by catching up on sleep, hitting the gym and watching some of my favorite Netflix shows. I also took this opportunity to catch up on a new book I started reading called “Dark Matter.” It was so important for me to recharge and give my brain a mental break so that I can be ready to tackle the remaining six weeks of the semester. As a first-year veterinary student, you learn to take mental breaks and do something fun for yourself without feeling guilty about not studying every waking hour of everyday.

Once spring break was over, it was time to get into the swing of things by registering for classes for second year. These classes include microbiology, anatomic pathology, parasitology, and case study, just to name a few. It was such a surreal and an exciting moment for me when I printed out my new class schedule for next semester. Time truly flies fast when you’re having fun, or should I say, when you’re studying hard. Registration was not the only event that took precedence this week; we were also greeted with two exams (immunology and case study). Now that I survived this first week back from spring break, I am bracing myself for my third anatomy exam taking place next week. Please wish me luck!

I am looking forward to next month, as I will be participating in an equine enucleation wet lab with the Ophthalmology Club. I can’t wait to share with you my experience in the wet lab!

Until next time,